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Welcome to the website for the Warminster

Neighbourhood Plan


The Warminster Neighbourhood Plan was voted in by the community in November 2016. We are now updating the Neighbourhood Plan so that it remains an up-to-date and relevant document.

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What is the Warminster 
Neighbourhood Plan?

Why are we updating it?


The Neighbourhood Plan gives you, the community who live here and who know Warminster best, a real voice and an opportunity to proactively shape a future vision for your Warminster, to guide future development, and meet local needs and aspirations. Neighbourhood plans contain policies and proposals that will be used in decisions on planning applications. 

The current Warminster Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed here. It has been a part of the Wiltshire Local Plan since November 2016 by Wiltshire Council Planning Officers when considering planning applications in Warminster.

Since our Plan was formally made, there have been changes in Wiltshire and national policy, and new local issues have arisen. This means we need to look at our first Plan and update it in order that it remains a relevant and useful document.

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This is a Community Led Plan a
and we need your input!

Have Your Say

Over the course of 2022/23 and 2024 there will be various ways for the community of Warminster to get involved in the review of our Neighbourhood Plan. 

We aren't starting from scratch - we are drawing on what we already know, from our own Neighbourhood Plan and other sources.

Scroll down for news and updates. You can also sign-up to a mailing list to be kept informed for ways you can be involved and kept up to date as progress with Plan 2.

Have Your Say!

Here we add information about consultations for various topics as we progress plan drafting

Current Consultations

None (but scroll down to see news on the 'current call for sites)

News and Contact

Regular news updates are posted below

You can also get in touch with us if you have questions or subscribe for updates by clicking here

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