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The Warminster Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed here. It has been a part of the Wiltshire Local Plan since November 2016, after a successful referendum vote. As such it is used by Planning Officers when considering planning applications in Warminster.

Neighbourhood planning gives communities direct power to develop a shared vision for their town and to help them deliver the sustainable development they need. Neighbourhood plans contain policies and proposals that will be used in decisions on planning applications. 

Since our Plan was formally made, there have been changes in Wiltshire and national policy, and new local issues have arisen. This means we need to look at our Plan and update it in order that it remains a relevant and useful document.

What is the Warminster 
Neighbourhood Plan?

Why are we updating it?

Who & How

How is the Plan Review being undertaken?

A Steering Group of local representatives has been appointed to manage and lead on the Neighbourhood Plan. Their role is to oversee and advise on the review of the Neighbourhood Plan. This a community-led Plan and so the Steering Group is made up of representatives from the wider community as well as Town Councillors.


The Steering Group is sponsored by Warminster Town Council, as the accountable body. The Steering Group will meet regularly and meeting minutes will be published on this website. The first meeting is scheduled for during August 2022. 

Topic Groups have also been set up. The role of the Topic Groups is to gather evidence to help update existing Neighbourhood Plan policies, and create new draft planning policies. Anyone with an interest can get involved in Topic Groups, so please contact us if you would like to get involved. 

During 2022, there will be a range of evidence gathering, consultation and engagement activities to inform the review of the Neighbourhood Plan.

We will share upcoming activities and how you can get involved on this website and in the local news.

Who is on the Steering Group?


More information about the Steering Group will be added here soon. 

The Steering Group is supported by staff in the Town Council, and the appointed Planning Consultant - Place Studio.